Monday, August 2, 2010

Surgery's Over

Clay and I headed to Little Rock on Thursday, July 29 to be there for surgery on the 30th. They had told us that they would call us the day before between 3-6 to let us know for sure where to go and what time to be there, we did get the call on the way down there. I already knew that i was his first surgery of the day and that would be around 7:30 but you have to be there so early. So they told us to be there at 5:00 that morning and surgery was scheduled for 7:15. We went to dinner, there were certain things they requested I stay away from, such as anything marinated in heavy sauces, that really takes alot of things off the menu, I had a grilled pork chop that was wonderful. From then on that night just clear liquids, well water is about as clear as you can get and that's all I drink. I don't think either one of us got much sleep that night, knowing we had to get up at 4 and probably a little anticipation as well. We made it to the hospital, checked in, there was very little paperwork to do since we had done all that ahead and I am definitely in the system by now. They sent me on into the holding room to get things started, alot of questions then they started the IV, it only took 2 times so I was thrilled. Clay got to come in and stay with me till they were ready. The O.R. nurse came in as well as the anesthesiologist and other people as well. Once he gave me the shot to kinda take the edge off he started rolling me down the hall, after that I remember nothing, I don't even remember going into the surgery room. That's probably always a good thing though, the next thing I know a nurse is talking to me in the recovery room. She went to call Clay to come in, I think I was still kinda out of it, they sent him to get my scripts filled, in the meantime I was up and got dressed and was ready to go. I did throw up a couple of times while in the bathroom, I think it was just the getting up moving around so soon, I never was really sick at my stomach, which is always a good thing. Clay went to get the car and they wheeled me out to meet him and we were off to the apartment. I just slept/rested all afternoon, went into the living room setting/laying on the couch in the evening. Clay fixed our Chicken Alfredo for dinner, the noodles seemed to slide down, I did minus the chicken. I did have some Jello and ice cream later as well. I seem to have slept a little better Friday night. When we got up Saturday morning I said we might as well get around and head home, we didn't rush but we got home around 1:30 Saturday afternoon. I am pretty sore, my neck area and around the incision area it feels bruised type sore. I am doing better, knowing the soreness will go away. I was able to talk pretty good on Friday at the hospital and at the apartment but Saturday morning my voice was pretty much a whisper and that's the way it still is. I know this too will come back, it just may take awhile. I go back to LR on Thursday for my pre-op checkup.

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  1. Glad it all went well! I'm sure your glad to be done with that part!