Friday, August 6, 2010

Recovery Time

It's been a week today since my thyroid surgery, I'm glad I have a week behind me. I am doing good, just trying to heal, my neck is still sore and I'm sure there is still some swelling in my throat area. Candes and I made a trip to Little Rock late Wednesday for my early post-op appointment on Thursday. Dr. Stack said I was doing fine, he said my voice would probably come back by 6 weeks, but he couldn't guarantee that. I am still very hoarse, most of the time it is just above a whisper and other times it sounds a little stronger, it strains my throat some to use my voice very much. Clay may be glad my voice is gone but I will be glad when it returns.

I will have to do radiation, we have it scheduled for later in September. They will do injections two days and then the iodine radiation the third day, this will be done at Little Rock. I will have to be on an iodine free diet for two weeks before this starts, looking over the can and can't eat chart it looks like slim pickings. You can't believe all the things that have iodine in them, all dairy products like cheese, milk, sour cream and ice cream all have preservatives in them that I can't have. I'm glad it is only for two weeks and a couple days after, I wouldn't want to do this very long. But hey you do what you have to do, I found that out a long time ago.
Thanks for the cards that have been sent my way.

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  1. I hope you continue to improve. And you get your voice back soon. We miss your voice singing with us!!