Sunday, July 11, 2010

Surgery Date

Clay and I went to Little Rock last Wednesday to meet with the surgeon, (Dr. Stack) and the endocrinologist, (Dr. Bodenner) about surgery. I had another ultrasound as I thought I would, the cancer had not changed or grown since last ultrasound, this was our good news. We set the surgery date for July 30th, I think he was so far behind after being out for two weeks. It will roll around before you know it though. I was also scheduled to do my pre-op work up as well, this included an EKG and bloodwork, since I had several of the other test needed done recently I didn't have to do a whole lot of tests. There was a 10 page questioner that I had to fill out though. The surgery is still planned for a one day surgery, they ask that you stay in LR one night, then we can head home on Saturday when I feel like it. I am just ready to get this part over with, recover and move on to the next phase of treatment, I can't start my other chemo until after my surgery. With the delay of surgery it backs up me starting my treatment.

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