Friday, August 20, 2010

Third Week

Today is the 3rd week mark after my surgery, I seem to be doing good, still not much of a voice. I know he couldn't guarantee but hopefully by 6 weeks I will have my strong voice back. I started with other issues this week, Monday evening I started out with a sore throat, I just blamed it on the weather, these nice cool mornings we've had. By Tuesday it was worse and I was developing the old canker sores in my mouth as well. By Wednesday I was pretty miserable and thought I better call in, Highland wanted to see me, so I went in Wednesday afternoon. I was a little worried it might be running into strep, well it wasn't strep I had a bad case of yeast in my mouth and down my throat (Thrush) at least we found out what it is. It has been very painful, you can't eat hardly at all, I have been doing the ice cream/Jello diet this week. I am taking medication and using a swish and swollow, as long as I can keep my mouth numb for awhile I'm good. But I know that these things have to run their course, I know this to shall pass.

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