Thursday, October 22, 2009

Count Down

My days are numbered now to be at home, it is almost time to head back to Little Rock. I will leave next Wednesday morning, I have alot of tests scheduled for that afternoon. There will be more tests on Thursday (bone marrow biopsy) and then on Friday I will meet with the doctor. As long as he thinks I am ready to move on, then we will move forward with the chemo and transplant the next week. I am finally beginning to feel human again, I still don't have all my strength back yet. I am still weak and a little shaky but I know things will get back to normal in time.

I have still been doing blood work twice a week at Highland Oncology, I am also going in everyday to receive fluids. The fluids just make me feel a little better and give me a little pick me up. It seems like my time at home has just flown by since I was sick the first two full weeks, it makes you want more time at home. But the sooner I go back the sooner I get through this whole ordeal. I am hoping to do the transplant, get my counts back up, get over any sickness, get my energy back and be home and enjoy the holidays. I want to enjoy baby Jonah's first Christmas. I will miss his first Halloween, Adrienne is working on his costume so maybe we can get a sneak peek before I go.

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