Friday, October 16, 2009

Catch Up

I know I am way behind on my posting but I have been a little under the weather. I won't post everything that has been going on since my last post, but I will touch the surface. Some of my thoughts may be random and not in order as they happened, since I haven't posted in awhile you seem to forget what went on. Some things you choose to forget.

September 20, Kara was with me, I bent over to pick something up, I felt a pop in my lower back. It just seem to get worse, I told the APN the next day, I was given pain meds. The meds didn't seem to do anything, they ran an MRI which didn't show anything. The pain in my back seem to get worse everyday, getting up and down got to be almost impossible. This has gone on for almost a month now.

October 2, Candes and I did our routine with blood work and then on to the dr's. appointment in the afternoon. With much discussion about my time to come back for the next transplant I was released to come home. There is such a thing called bridging to stay home for 6 weeks or more, if you do this there is a lot more medications involved, nasty meds that I have taken for a short time, but this would mean taking them for about 3 weeks. We all felt like the shorter time at home would be the best. This was late in the day and I still needed to get my line taken out, so Candes and I waited to head home on Saturday. Clay normally comes down on Friday but Candes thought since she was there already there was no need for him to come down and turn around and go back. Since we were going home for almost 4 weeks we moved out of our apartment, this meant everything had to be packed and loaded up. Remember I have the back issue and after they take your port out you cannot stoop over or lift more than 5 pounds. So guess who got to pack and load the car, yep Candes. She said she would do it, but it was quite a chore by the time she finished. We seemed to have more than we took.

This was the best decision since Clay had been suffering with the upper resp. crud most of the week. I even spent Saturday night at Candes' house, this gave Clay another day to air out the house, at this point I didn't need to catch a bug. Clay came to pick me up about noon on Sunday, it was sure good to get home. I have been dealing with this back pain, once I get up and moving it's not as bad but the getting up and down is so painful.

October 4, I started with the nausea, vomitting and more!!!! I spoke with Little Rock about this, I was told it was due to the Chemo that I was given. I thought it would last a few days but it lasted alost 2 weeks. Finally on Oct. 15 when I went in for blood work I ask if they would take my B.P. well they did and it was very low. They thought I needed to see the dr., I met with Dr. Rosenfeld, he felt like I needed fluids, vitimans, and electrolites and some nausea meds to get me feeling better. So I battled this yuk feeling for almost two weeks, we tried everything, eating, not eating, liquid diet, nothing see to help. I am not eating much right now, nothing taste good, or it doesn't taste like it should. I will be glad to get my taste buds back, I know I have to drink as well but there again even the drinking is hard, I haven't found anything that taste good, I know I have to force myself to drink so that I can stay hydrated.

October 16, Andrew took me in for fluids today, then we stopped by my office just a few minutes to say Hello. It was good to get out, it just wears me out, my energy level is very low. The nausea seems to be gone, my back is getting better, there is still some pain involved. My whole body seems to be sore all over, probably due to the setting around that I have had no choice in doing.

October 17, So as I think back over the last month, it seems to have been a roller coaster ride to get to this day. I'm am glad that I have made it this far in the treatment, but I will also say that I will be real glad when it's over and I can close this chapter of Barbara's Journey. I will be home about 3 1/2 weeks this time, but I have already used up 2 with being sick, so I look forward to this next week and hope I can enjoy the rest of my time at home.

So I ask you to continue to pray for my healing, strength and for my body to recovery before my next transplant. My next transplant is scheduled for November 2nd, that is if everything checks out with my blood work when I get back to Little Rock.


  1. Continuing to keep you in our thoughts and prayers - glad to see you back on here. Sorry to hear that its been such a rough go of it for you. Hope this finds you feeling better and enjoying some of your time at home.
    All My Love,

  2. Its good to have you home. It seems like you feel a smidge better every day? I will pray your last week or so here will be a good one! We'll have to get in some good Mimi/Jonah time!

  3. We are praying for you. I hope you enjoy this week and get lots of time with your family!