Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cooler Days

I'm sure everyone is enjoying these cooler temperatures the last couple of days, I also hope you all had a nice 3 day weekend and did something fun over Labor Day. Ours wasn't real productive but it was very nice especially since we weren't having those 100+ temps. Jeremy, Kara & I took Jonah to the County Fair last Thursday night to see the animals, he wasn't too impressed with any of it but the rabbits. I think he liked the rabbits because he could get down on their level and actually touch them, he did also like some of the chickens. I think he felt a little safe because they were in their cages. We did not do the carnival scene, but after we ate we went into the livestock auction to see some of the 4-Hers sell their animals. We decided it was time to have as Jonah calls it "a snack" so Kara & I headed out with Jonah to get a snack. We mentioned a few things to him and of course he would just agree to anything that sounded good, or maybe he would take one of each. Well we decided on cotton candy & ice cream. You will have to remember that last week it was still very hot, we were smart enough to have them put it in a cup not a cone. Jeremy probably wasn't very happy with Mimi getting him sugared up before bedtime but I think he did OK that night after all. We had a fun time, he enjoyed riding the tractors & mowers most of all I think, just like every other little boy.

I have been doing pretty good these last couple of weeks, having alot of bone pain, leg pains & back pain but I think that is just part of this Multiple Myeloma business, I don't think it ever goes away. I will go in for treatment on Thursday as usual, then next Monday I will go in for a Neupogen shot to boost my WBC so I can have a crown put on one of my molars. We have rescheduled this appointment I think 4 times now due to my counts, there is a #inside the WBC that has to be at a certain level before you can have a big procedure done and mine is just not where it should be. When I was in Little Rock, August 10th Dr. Barlogie told me that I could have Highland to give me this shot to see if it will boost it up to where it needs to be, I will go back in again Tuesday morning to do blood work to see if it raised it up enough, it so on to my 10 dentist appointment if not reschedule one more time.

Everyone have a good week, tomorrow is already hump day. Take time to enjoy this beautiful weather.

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