Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Time (A)

I love this time of the year, even though some of the afternoons have been warming up it just feels good. These cool mornings and cool evenings are great, fall is in the air. One more day in September and we will start a new month, before you know it Christmas will be here. Time always flies seems like this time of year, I hope fall stays a while so we can enjoy this weather. In years past we sometimes didn't really get to enjoy the fall because it jumped right into freezing winter weather.

Well I think I am finally feeling better as far as the viral infection goes, hopefully it is out of my system now. After the fever, sore throat, and no voice for a week then it seem to have settled in my neck, shoulders and back, I think a week of that was actually worse than the first week. With antibiotic, heat & alot of do nothing I think I'm better. Now its just back to the usual bone pain & Neuropathy which is getting alot worse. I have had issues with the Neuropathy but with time it is getting more severe, my feet stay tingly all the time now and it seems to be traveling up my legs as well. I take one medication for this but it is not really doing the trick, Little Rock has said that they could prescribe another drug as well but that my oncology clinic could do this as well. So I am here today we will see if that happens if not I will have to call Little Rock back. It is just a terrible feeling when you can't really feel your feet, it's the same feeling when your feet go to sleep and they are waking up, but then they just stay that way all the time. I finally was able to keep my dentist appointment for my crown, came into HOG to get my shot on Monday to boost my counts and back on Tuesday for bloodwork, to see if it did the trick, and it did. So it was on to the dentist for the crown. It's been a long time in the planning for this crown, glad to finally get it done. So with treatment today I have been to HOG three times this week. Next week will be about the same type of week, I have needed to have some things done for Little Rock since April and its just now going to come about. My thyroid doctor in LR ordered Thyrogen injections two days in a row and then blood work a few days later, this medication has been on back order since April and just now has came in. There evidently was a shortage in Arkansas even at UAMS in LR, this is to check to make sure there's no cancer left in the thyroid area. Its been a year since I had my radiation for thyroid cancer.

Everyone enjoy this weather and have a great week-end, whether you take in BBB or stay away.

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