Friday, September 9, 2011

How Things Can Change

Since just a few days ago things have really changed alot, when I woke up on Tuesday morning (the day of my last post) my throat was a little sore but that can happen overnight so didn't worry. As the day went on it pretty much passed, I felt ok, Clay has had the crud or whatever since last Friday, he ended coming home from work around 10 that day (Tues) because he felt so bad. He slept alot that day, went to work the next day as well as Thursday & today, he just can't knock it. He decided to run to the dr at noon, got a shot, antibiotic & something for his cough. Now mine seems to be a little different than his, Tuesday night mine started in, so I guess that sore throat was telling me something after all. I started feeling bad and chilling, had 101 temp, after laying around awhile & after taking Tylenol my temp went up to 103. On Wednesday I decided I might should call Highland to see what they would have me do, they wanted me to come in to see an APN, my mother in law took me in since I felt so bad, they did a throat culture thinking it could be strep. Well it wasn't strep, it is a viral infection so great that means no antibiotic will help, so it will just have to run its course. It just really wipes you out, light headed, achy, very sore throat, voice gone & just over all beat. So this probably changes the plans for next week as far as getting my crown done. If I'm still not up to par the dentist won't want to work on me and you can understand that, since this viral thing has been contagious, no one else wants it. That means I will have to reschedule my appointment yet again and that means I will have to change my shot on Monday & bloodwork on Tuesday till the week that I do get back into the dentist. It is all a domino effect, one thing depends on the other. It is always so interesting, something is always going on to keep my life exciting. I am hoping at this point this infection runs its course soon and gets out of my system, Clay and I both have just been dragging around and its not fun. Being lazy is one thing but having to be lazy because you don't feel good is a different story, it gets old. At least I can stay home, he has to go to work not feeling good cause it just drags on, one day you think you might be feeling better & the next day you are worse. So this is my life and how it has played out in just a few days time, you never know how things can change.

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