Sunday, March 6, 2011

Starting A New Month

Can you believe it is already March, seems like it was just Christmas and now we are into the third month. March brings Spring, hopefully in weather not just on the calendar. I am so ready for the nicer weather to be here, we may very likely have some more bad weather though, I have heard people talk of a big snow the end of March, who knows. Things are going pretty well with me these days, Candes and I went to Little Rock February 24th and 25th. That was the stormy Thursday that we traveled in, we wanted to get down there so maybe we wouldn't have to be caught in it. We did pretty good, there was only a few miles that we ran into really hard rain, making it a little hard to see. We got to the apartment before it hit, unloaded the car and decided to sit tight for awhile, it got very stormy there, the sirens were going off and there was alot of rain, thunder and lightning going on. Luckily it was a fast moving storm, it moved on out of the Little Rock area and we ventured on out to have dinner and run some errands.

We had an early start Friday morning with my testing, check in and blood work at 8:30 then on to the MRI area after that. Candes left then to go to her doctor appointment over at Baptist, she had scheduled this appointment with her thyroid onocologist since we were going to be in Little Rock. It worked out well because she was back in the waiting room when I came out of the MRI. We got a bite of lunch there at the hospital and then onto the bone marrow biopsy, there was some waiting but it really wasn't bad, I had the last appointment of the day so they are always ready to go home and they have kinda caught themselves up by then. We started out of Little Rock pretty quick and decided to stop at Conway a little while, they had told me it would help with the soreness to walk a little so we walked and shopped a little at Belk. Headed on toward home then, made it home about 5, Kara came down to Candes' house to pick me up and bring me on home. I was very, very sore this time maybe just a little more than usual.

Clay and I will go back to Little Rock this week to see Dr. Barlogie and get the results of the tests.

I started volunteering at Loving Choices a half a day a week, I just wanted to do something to help out somewhere, it is a very good cause.

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  1. so neat you're volunteering at loving choices! you look great!