Thursday, March 10, 2011

Little Rock Visit

Clay and I made the trip to Little Rock on Tuesday, another rainy day. We left home about 5:45 in the drizzle but the farther we went the heavier the rain, it rained the entire way there. My appointment was at 10, there was some waiting but it wasn't too bad. Dr. Barlogie was pleased with all the test results, he thought everything looked fine. He wants to start me on a bone strengthening medication, this would be a drip through my port that I would get in addition to the chemo I take each week. There are alot of issues with this drug so I won't be starting it right away but I think when I do start it could help me. I hope so anyway. I have alot of bone pain and he seems to think this would help. I am at Highland now, leaving here to head to the dentist for a quick repair, I chipped a tooth last night. I called to see if I could get in and luckily I called when I did because my dentist is just going to be there till 1 today and they are closed tomorrow. He is having his other knee replacement surgery on Monday so he will be out awhile. So I came here earlier trying to get to the dentist by 11, that is the only time they said they could look at my tooth, so it is a race to get there.
We also drove home in the rain, allthe way till we got close to the tunnel.
Looking foward to warmer days ahead this week.

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