Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthday Week

The weekend of the 12th I started with a cough, I assumed it was just allergy related so just kinda ignored it. The cough hung on into the week, by Tuesday late afternoon I was feeling pretty rough, went on to bed early. I had plans on Wednesday since it was my birthday, had breakfast plans with my mother in law and sister in law Darcy and then a late lunch was planned with my mom and sister, well all of these things were cancelled due to me being sick and running 102 fever. I was in bed most all day on my birthday as well as the next day too. I didn't take a treatment on Thursday, I just felt too rough, they called me in antibiotic on Wednesday. My fever broke on Thursday but I still just felt bad. I feel a little better one day then the next day I feel really bad again, I'm tired of it, I feel so light headed and woozy most of the time and my sides and stomach are so sore from coughing so much.

Well here I am another week and I'm not over it yet, I saw the APN here at Highland today, it's an upper respiratory infection, I'm still on the antibiotic and she called me in some really good cough syrup (hopefully it helps). I am taking my treatment now and then I will head home to rest. I feel bad that I haven't been able to go to Loving Choices last week or this week, I enjoy volunteering there but I just haven't been able to go. I sure have enjoyed the nice weather we have had lately, I have set out on the porch a couple of days. Now this morning was a little cool for me, we haven't been in the 30's in awhile, we've been in the 50's when morning comes. I am still just ready for Spring to get here and stay.

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