Friday, June 4, 2010

Not Much Change

We had a really good Memorial Day weekend, we didn't do just a whole lot but it was nice. I guess it actually started out on Thursday, Jonah needed a sitter that day, my sister in law Darcy came out to help me watch him. As I have said before he loves being outside so that means you have to watch him every second. We definitely got a work out that day but he was so much fun, he took to Darcy in a hurry. She had also brought breakfast so Jonah and Nikko got interested real quick. (our dog) Clay and I kept Jonah on Friday night so Jeremy and Adrienne could go out to eat for their anniversary. Saturday morning Clay and I went to the Farmers Market on the square, I bought some fresh cut flowers, they are always so pretty and cheap. We met Clays mom and his Uncle Randy and Brenda there, it was really good to see them, I hadn't seen them since I have been sick but they have kept up with me and have been in constant contact with me or someone else in the family. Thank you guys!!!!! We came home for awhile then back in to meet others for lunch, Uncle Tim and Peggy, Uncle Jerry and Myra and their son Carey. Jeremy and Jonah went with Clay and I. We all had a good visit, we hadn't seen any of these relatives in some time, Jonah got to meet people for the first time too. Clay and Andrew went fishing tonight so J & A & J and Kara & Shelby and I went to eat pizza. On Sunday J & A & J came over with their friends Nick & Jamie from church to swim. Andrew & Kara were here as well, we snacked in the afternoon and the four of them left and we kept Jonah, A&K stayed and we cooked out burgers and dogs. I really got my Jonah fix this weekend, but I can really never get enough.

Now that I have bored you with my weekend on to my health, I do have an appoitment to see Dr. Hey my kidney doctor on Tuesday, then we will leave for LR. Last week when I had my blood drawn it showed my WBC had dropped way down, it hasn't done this since I have been home, it has actually been climbing. It has been 4.0 or 3.6 or right around there but it nose dived to 2.2 last week. I talked to LR and they wanted me to go back in today to have it drawn again, thinking it was just a wierd thing, so I did but I guess it was real because today it is 2.3. This usually means that you might have been sick or ran a fever but I haven't had either. So the nurse at LR said today since I was coming down next week we would just run it again and try to get to the bottom of it. So that's where we are right now with the goings on with me. I am enjoying this weather, I have been in the pool a few times and I am really enjoying my backyard. Have a great weekend and I will update as I know something. There was more thing I did today that I almost left out, I also went in for a massage at Highland, it was wonderful, with the low back and shoulder pain that I have it seems to really help. It will last me about two weeks and then I will be ready for another one. Also I know some of you have tried to reply to my blog with no luck, here is my email address if you want to email me. Thank you for reading.

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