Thursday, June 17, 2010

Doctors Visit

Clay and I went to Little Rock on Monday, June 14th for my appointment with Dr. Barlogie. We met with him to get reports and results, I am thankful to say all scans, tests and etc. came back good. There were only a couple of things that needed discussing, my creatinine is still staying up too high, doc says drink more. I drink sooooo much as it is I don't know how I can drink much more but I will try. And then there is the issue with my thyroid, all along it has just been: we can just wait on it, there's no big hurry lets get the myeloma under control and then worry about that. Even though the thyroid itself hasn't really changed or the cancer my TSH count has started to elevate and he says it is time to get it out. He wanted me to start taking Synthroid in a lower dosage form for now, I'm sure the dosage will change later. It is probably a little earlier than we thought, we were thinking late summer or fall, but now it looks like it is going to bumped up to mid July. They are working on an appointment time now, the surgeon is on vacation till the end of the month or I would probably have it even sooner. So the plan was to start with my treatment at Highland next week and then stop a week before surgery. Things change everyday, I had a call late yesterday afternoon from LR, now they say don't start treatment next week, we will wait a week or two after my surgery, then I will start. This is all due to my kidneys, with the creatinine still being up and the filtration is still low, one of the chemo drugs doesn't need to be taken when I am having some kidney issues. Maybe after getting my thyroid out things will start to level out a little more. It gets a little stressful sometimes, keeping up with everything that's going on and everything you are suppose to be doing when they are changing things on you all the time, it keeps me on my toes. Your life is just kinda in their hands, I know that they know what they are doing, they just try to do too much at one time, they have so many patients and we all need something. So we are moving forward again to another phase of this process, I just wait till they call me with a surgery date. When I met with the surgeon a few months ago, he said it would be a one day surgery, so I will have it done and stay in LR a day or two before heading back home.
After thought: Clay and I did meet with Dr. Hey on Tuesday before Jeremy left for LR. he was going to research my issues but in the mean time he wanted me to have an ultrasound. This was scheduled for tomorrow but while I was in LR Dr. B wanted to have it done there and we would fax a copy to Dr. Hey, so that is what we did. Last year before I was diagnosed with MM they saw a mass on one of my kidneys so they just wanted to check that out. The report didn't show anything now. So that's a plus. My left kidney is smaller than my right, I don't think it's a problem though and my right kidney is normal.

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