Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Update

Just to keep up with what has been going on lately I'll try to post a few things. I feel stronger from even my last post, but I still get tired so easily. Still going in for bloodwork, last week I cut back to once a week instead of two. Little Rock had told me that as my platelet count came up once a week would be fine, it has been continually climbing until yesterday, then it dropped some. So I don't know if I will have to start back twice a week or just wait till next week and see if they will jump back up. I also have other issues as well, my kidneys aren't filtering they way they should, this has just happened in the last month. My filtration rate has dropped 50% from April to May. They want me to go back to my nephrologist, Dr. Hey to see what he thinks. LR seems to think this has nothing to do with M.M. but with everything you read either chemo or some of the meds I have taken cause something like this. But it may just be kidney issues and it will have to be dealt with, my dr's office is trying to get an appointment for me.
The weather ha been great the last few days, the pool water is warming up, I can't wait for Jonah to be able to get in the pool. I think he is going to enjoy the water this year, he sure loves his bath time. Kara came over yesterday morning to watch Jonah at our house while Adrienne worked a few hours and I would get to see him as well. He played inside and out, Kara pulled him in the wagon and then he helped push the wagon, I tried to get them to push me (Mimi). He had such a good time, but you have to watch him every minute, no getting in the pool before its time and for sure no falling in.
I will go back to Little Rock the second week of June for a day of testing, then we will see Dr. Barlogie the next week to make sure all is well and get my orders to start treatment at Highland Oncology (the last phase) of treatment. Of course this phase will last 3 years and then I will be done besides an occasional visit to Little Rock.

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