Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Not My Time

I didn't want a year to go by before I posted again, what a ride we have had since January(last post). If you have kept up with my blog then you see there are alot of gaps, most of you that are close to me or know someone that is close to me kinda know what's been going on with me. Since my last post my sister had tried to keep up with her/ my journey to keep people informed. Just a little gap from the January post to where things got started in Little Rock. As I had mentioned, my counts & platelets just kept dropping, they couldn't find what was going on with me, I was getting platelets & shots but still just couldn't seem to find all the pieces to the puzzle. After Dr. Travis (HOG)ordered a bone marrow biopsy they found I had Acute Myeloid Leukemia, again something we weren't familar with. It is another blood cancer, one that I got due to a chemo that I was given either from multiple myeloma or ovarian cancer years ago. Who would have thought, something you do you think in the best interest at the time & then down the road see what can happen. When we met with Dr. Travis he broke the news to Clay & I that I would have to go back to Little Rock for treatment, if we chose not to do that I would probably have less than 7 months to live. Well that's kinda a no brainier don't you think. So then next step was back to Little Rock for testing January 25 & I would check in the hospital January 26 th. Had my central line put in for all the drugs & chemo to run through. With all the testing I had go through they found that I had some type of infection, probably better know as some type of crud. I had to be clear of this before they could start any kind of chemo. They did finally get the infection to go away so we could get started with the chemo. Probably from here it picks up where Candes started with caring for sis. Seems like we never really finish the story or the ending part of this journey, so I will skip thru some parts and just fast forward a little bit.

So as an out patient stayed in the hospital right at 75 days, I did get to come home in March to celebrate my birthday. This was in between treatments (in which we knew nothing about) had a nice time being at home with family and friends. There are still things that happened to me during my hospital stay, I guess it was during the time I was having the silent seizures, it was a very scary time, maybe even more so for my family since most of the time I didn't even know what was going on. Not talking, eating or drinking for a few days has to take a toll on anyone. I guess the day or night they couldn't get me to come around or wake up I was taken to ICU, these are things that I have been told because I had no idea what was going on. I do know this, that night I feel in my heart that I died on that table, I could hear Clay & Candes talking about calling the kids but I couldn't do anything. The Lord has a plan for me, it wasn't my time to go, I have babies to watch grow up. I'm so thankful that God saw fit to pull me thru that night. When I did get to come home I had a pretty hard time, couldn't do alot of things for my self, someone had to be with me all the time, I walked with a walker or used a wheelchair. They set me up with physical therapy, I think it was probably like having a stroke, I kinda had to learn to walk again, it would hurt so bad lifting my arms & doing some of the simplest things. Over time things have gotten better, the Leukemia is gone but the multiple myeloma is still with me & probably be for life, we just have to keep it incheck. Our plan is to stay away from Little Rock if possible, Dr. Travis (HOG) is taking very good care of me right now. I will start back on some chemo after Thanksgiving, the plan is for it to just be in a pill form, Yea!!!!! This is the maintenance for the M.M.

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