Friday, January 31, 2014

Another Year

Well here it is 2014 already, I'm looking forward to a good & healthy year. Things have been going good with me lately, health wise. I still go into HOG every 3 & 4 weeks for bloodwork & to see Dr. Travis. It's been busy around here, we had a good Thanksgiving, then we moved right into Christmas seems like but always have to get some birthdays in there. We won't include the adults but Jude turned 1 in November then in December Cooper also turned 1. Then we celebrated Jonah"s 5th birthday in January, I can't believe our first born grandson is 5 and will be starting to kindergarten this August. It's been a fun time, now we just wait for our other little boy to arrive in April. Boys are fun, if we never have a granddaughter it's ok, we will form a team of some kind or start a band. Jonah has drums & a guitar now so we have a head start on that. Everyone stay healthy & away from the flu. Have a Great Super Bowl Weekend!!!! Go Broncos!!

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