Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year Day. Alot of things have happened since December 2011, one is that the Razorbacks won the Cotton Bowl!!!! WPS.

We had a really nice Christmas, the week of...... everything was done so it was just a calm week doing some baking and odds & edds, it was a great week with no stress up to the day. It's always a busy time trying to make the rounds to see all family & friends. We only have the 1 little guy so he gets alot of attention when everyone's around, I'm sure Jonah was a little overwhelmed.

Candes & I went to Little Rock January 2nd, this had to be an overnight trip since I needed to be at the hospital early on the 3rd. This was a routine testing appointment with bloodwork, skans, MRI's, bone density test & a bone marrow biopsy, after all that we headed home after stopping at Olive Garden for soup & salad. We wanted to try their new soup, it was good but I wasn't a big fan, Candes really liked it because it was real tomato basil tasting.

So the next week January 10th Clay & I were scheduled to go back to see the doctor but the Friday before I got the stomach bug. Then on Sunday I got real sick I guess you would say out of it, severe leg pains, loss use of my legs with Clay having to hold me up if I needed to be up. Monday wasn't much better, HOG wanted me to come in. Evidently my Electrolytes had gone out the window, they infused 1 liter of vitamins, 1 liter of fluid, calcium & potassium, we closed them down on Monday, it was a late night. Tuesday, back to HOG for fluid & calcium, then today I again got the liter of vitamins & a bag of calcium. I wasn't able to walk on Monday so Clay had to take me inside in a wheelchair, on Tuesday he wheeled me in but I was able to walk out with some help. Today I walked in, so things are looking better, I have a little ways to go but I feel quite a bit better than I did that for sure. My doctors appointment was rescheduled to next Tuesday so hopefully things will be back to normal by then. I am going to skip treatment tomorrow (usual treatment day) to just give everything time to just settle and then go back on Friday for bloodwork to see if I need anything added. Tomorrow will be a good day to just stay at home, it's going to be cold, I don't mind at all. So it has been kinda crazy the last few days around here, I'm so thankful for Clay because I don't know what I would have done without him.

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