Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Better Days

Things are looking better for me now, it really took quite a while to get back on track though. I think the only thing I didn't mention in the last post was my little falling episode, the night that things were at the lowest (in more ways than one) I had fallen a couple of times. This was when my legs had no feeling in them, were not working. It was in the middle of the night, leg pains something fierce and Clay was with me, at one point he had me sitting on the side of the bed, whether I passed out or fell asleep I slipped off the bed and hit the bed side table. I didn't really know I did it until the next day, I rubbed my head & realized I must have done something. I had Clay to look at my eye or head, he told me that it was swollen and I had a black eye. It wasn't just real bad on that Monday but by Tuesday it was deep, deep purple. I have never had a black eye before, it has faded now and things have slowly gotten back to normal.

Our trip to Little Rock for my appointment to see Dr. Barlogie is usually just a routine, he just looks over all my tests and says everything looks fine, see you back next time. This time was a little different, he seems to have seen something in my blood work as well as the bone marrow biopsy that either shouldn't be there or hasn't been there, anyway its something that he doesn't like and he wants it to be looked at further. He wanted me back down there for more testing this week and to see him again for the results but they couldn't get everything scheduled for this week, so I have appointments on Monday most of the day, then we will go back to meet with him on Wednesday for the results. There's just always something seems like but with this we just figured that its something weird going on and everything is really fine. He has pulled me off of treatment until this is taken care of, so no trips to HOG right now, it only makes me miss 2 or 3 treatments unless he says otherwise when we go back to Little Rock. I am also off of my steroids and my oral chemo each night as well. I'm sure they will get to the bottom of this and things will just go back to the way it was before.

It sure was a pretty day today, just doesn't seem like its January with the weather we have been having, sounds like rain tomorrow, I have a massage appointment at the oncology clinic, rain, sleet or snow won't keep me away from that.

I hope everyone has a great week, enjoy this weather.

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