Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Month

Tomorrow starts a new month, Clay and I will head back to Little Rock tomorrow to see Dr. Barlogie again. Kara and I drove down yesterday (Monday) for all my test, bone marrow biopsy, Pet Scan, MRI & blood work. It was a long tiring day, just going from one area of the hospital to another for the next test. We didn't leave there till after 8, we were beginning to get hungry, I couldn't have anything to eat after 8am till after the Pet Scan which ended around 5. We really didn't have time to eat before the MRI, so we grabbed just a little snack to hold us over. When we finally left the hospital we went to the new Cheddars to have a late dinner. I have been to a couple different Cheddars but not the one in Little Rock, Kara had not been to a Cheddars before. Very nice restaurant I would recommend it, a good location too right on University. Kara & I got home around noon today, we ran in & out of rain quite a bit as we were coming home, I was pretty sore after the bone marrow biopsy so it is always kinda an uncomfortable ride home. But I made it and now I look forward to tomorrow to get in the car and do it all over again, the ride back that is. We just hope & pray that whatever Dr. B saw 2 weeks ago is no longer there and all the new tests are just perfect. I will post the tests results as they come in, or as they are given to us.

I still can't believe this weather, it is the end of January/first of February. It has been so nice though, I could do without the wind, I can't hardly think of a day that we haven't had strong winds. Get out & enjoy this weather or get in the car & drive somewhere like us, we will enjoy the weather looking at it from the car.

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