Friday, February 4, 2011

And Back To Snow

Wow, what a week we have had, but it sounds like we are in store for another week of much the same. I started with the crud or a bad head cold late Saturday night and I still have it so needless to say I haven't been out of the house this week. I have been waiting two days for my chemo delivery, due to the weather it still hasn't arrived. This has to be shipped from Chicago or Ohio and they are alot worse off weather wise than we are, it has messed me up going to Highland for treatment waiting for it. Normally I go every Thursday but my delivery didn't get here, so they changed my appointment to Friday thinking I would have my delivery on Thursday and I would be good to go. Here it is Friday and still no delivery, just hope it gets here before I have to leave, it's just that I have to be here to sign for it so it makes it hard. Well it just started snowing here again, we are not suppose to get very much this time but it is coming down. Stay warm and safe if you are out and about.

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