Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nothing Much

Not much going on, I feel like I am gaining strength everyday even though I have a long way to go. I have alot of issues with my shoulders and back hurting when I do alot of walking, I just really get tired. We blame that on not having any muscle in my back, that was probably one of the first thing to go when I started loosing weight. I am trying to rebuild but it will just take time, I just want to rush things, I just want to be able to do anything I want but that is not possible yet. I want to be able to hold or carry Jonah but that isn't happening for a while yet. He is growing so fast, he loves to be outside more than anything, the last couple of times he has been over it has been too cold to go outside and that makes him mad. Yes, too cold, this crazy weather. I am so ready for it to warm back up, I stay cold most of the time anyway, most everyone else is fine but I am always cold, hopefully when it warms up I will get warmer too.

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