Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After getting home on Saturday, I have just had alot of rest and recovery time. I am really weak and tired right now, my counts are not back to where they should be yet so I don't have alot of energy right now, I get pretty tired just walking across the room. I need to get my energy and strength back so I can do this treatment all over again. I will have to take the same treatment over again except for the growth factor shots. I have to go to Highland Oncology twice a week to have blood drawn, they keep a eye on my counts to see if I need anything while I am at home. They are authorized to give me fluids, blood or anything else that I might neeed while I am home. My goal is to get rid of this upper crud that I have had, while I am home and to just get to feeling more like myself. I had blood work done today and I had an eye appointment, my eyes have really dried out due to the chemo and all the other medication I have been taking. I got some eye drops/liquid tears to use when my eyes are so dry. My eye dr. suggested when things were so bad just wear my glasses and not try to wear my contacs. While in town we had some extra time between appointments, my sister ran me by my workplace. Besides talking or texting I have not seen my work family for a few weeks, it was really good to see my family there and to visit a short while. They have been so good to me through all of this, while I have been at Little Rock and at home as well. I work with a great bunch of folks. Well off to get some rest.
Please pray for strength and healing while I am home and for tolerance to the next round of chemo and overall treatment, round #2.


  1. I am so glad you are home.. Rest lots!!
    Luv ya!!

  2. Hey, Barbara glad you are home & resting up. Hang in there & know that you are in my thoughts & prayers daily!!! Love Ya!