Friday, July 10, 2009

Doctor's appointment

Thursday, July 9th was pretty much the same ole same ole. Early morning appointment for fluids, bloodwork and my growth factor shot. Candes and I went to see the doctor today as well, he seem to be pleased with my counts, we are heading in the right direction. My light chains have decreased from the start, so that is a good thing. The protein level in my kidneys also is going down, I am having alot of issues with my blood pressure, being so low they know they have to hydrate me pretty soon after I get there. Some of the meds I have been taking since day 1 seem to be flirting with my liver counts, so they have changed it to something else and also added another med 4 times a day. They watch your counts very close to see if you are too low or to high on something. I was impressed last night, around 7or so I got a call from the Dr. that I had seen a few hours earlier, he called tell me to stop taking this particular pill. They truly spend alot of time researching each and every case. My cough just continue's to hang on as well as my wheezing.
Please pray that I could get over this and be strong when I need to be.

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