Friday, May 25, 2012

Small Update

 I went in for my every Thursday treatment yesterday, was having alot of pain and swelling in my foot/leg area. They came up with a plan to try to get me some relief, first they ran a Doppler on my leg to find out if I had good blood flow, in which it showed that I did and no clots. This is a good thing, but then you ask yourself what is the problem then. The next thing I am to do is meet with one of the massage therapist that specializes in Lymphedema, I meet with her next Tuesday to talk, discuss & hopefully come up with a plan, so we will see. This sounds like it can be caused by a number of things in which I have had most of, so just chalk something else up to me. But I'm in hopes that she can give me some answers or she may not come up with anything, I will just see on Tuesday. So this is all I know for now, I will post again after I find out something next week.

1 comment:

  1. praying that they figure out what's causing the pain and swelling quickly. In the mean time, hang out in the pool lots, that should feel good and take off some of the pressure!