Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beautiful Weather

This weather has been wonderful, I could do without the wind but I won't complain. In February who would expect 70 degree days, I picked up Jonah at Mothers Day Out yesterday and we went to McDonald's for ice cream & then to the park. We had a great time swinging & playing on the big toys, everyone else had the same idea since it was a pretty day. I had my usual treatment today and then back home, I have try to run errands on Thursday's to save another trip into town, but then by evening I am just beat & not feeling very well. So Clay mentioned after treatment I just come home and rest, well that's what I did this time & I had an awful lot of swelling, in my leg and foot so you just never know. On Friday I did absolutely nothing all day until about 4 to start some dinner, so it was a very restful day.

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