Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thank You Jesus

We are so thankful for the much needed rain and little cooler temps, we just hope the temps stay down for the wedding. We really were not looking forward to a wedding with 108 degree temps. Just a little over a week away to the wedding, we have been really busy with last minute things, there are so many things that can't be done until the last little bit. We are getting very excited as the time gets so close.
Made a trip to Little Rock last Friday, Candes and I left at 7:30 to head down for testing. This visit my only orders called for blood work and a bone marrow biopsy. The biopsy wasn't too bad this time, it was a little painful but they always are. We ate lunch at On The Border then headed back home, kinda a quick trip down and back. Then this week Clay and I went down yesterday to see Dr. Barlogie to get the results, things are going good he seems to think so just keep on doing what I'm doing. I will go back in January for my next appointment for testing, at that time there will be alot more testing involved so it will be an overnighter. But that is about 5 months away so I don't even have to think about that now. The only thing different is that I will take a Neupogen shot in September to boost my Grans count inside my WBC so that I can have my crown done. When this count is so low you are not suppose to have dental work done, so I will get a shot on a Monday, come back in on Tuesday to see if it raised it before I go to the dentist. After the wedding, things will have to slow down, I need to take a little easy for a change and rest a little more.

Hope everyone has seen the rain at some time or another, I sure there has been no complaints.

Have a good weekend.

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