Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

I don't remember it ever being so hot in June, and to stay this hot for such a long time. We can only hope that we are getting August weather now and then in August we will get spring June weather, thinking of the outdoor wedding that is. Things are moving forward with all the wedding plans, it is getting within a few weeks now, time to tie up all loose ends. I still haven't found my dress yet, I have been looking but just haven't found anything yet, there are just not many places around here to look. We are going to run over to Tulsa one day this week to see if I can find something there. I want to have my dress so I don't have that to worry about.

Things with me are going pretty well, I have a lot of swelling some days in my left leg/foot and even toes. They have been watching it and decided to schedule a Doppler to check for blood clots. Having had clots before I knew that this wasn't the same but we would check it out. They found out that I have a chronic blood clot that had probably been there for some time but it should be ok just continue to take am aspirin a day. Nothing acute and that was a good thing.

They had tested my CA-125 a couple of weeks ago and I got the numbers back last week, it was elevated, not good news. This is the tumor marker they go by for ovarian cancer, even though we don't know what my original numbers were 6 years ago, because no one knew that could have been the issue then. Between Dr. Rosenfeld and Dr. Hightower they feel like I needed to have a cat scan ran, so here I am at Highland drinking that yummy drink waiting the hour until its time for my scan. (Tuesday) Hopefully it is just something weird going on and not that they would find cancer again. To not have ovaries and to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer once is bad enough but if they found it again I just don't know what I would think.

(Thursday) I am here at Highland again, had lab work and saw Dr. Rosenfeld to get the results of the scan, Clay met me here because I think in both of our minds we thought we would be getting bad news. We were so relieved Dr. Rosenfeld said the scans were clean, no sign of cancer there, they are going to keep a eye on the tumor marker to stay on top of things. I have been really struggling with this for a couple of weeks just dreading the outcome, but now I can breathe easier. So thankful.....

(Wednesday) To back up a day, made the trip to Tulsa yesterday for dress shopping, it was a 8-8 long day, I was totally worn out by the time we got home. But the main thing is I found my dress for the wedding, this is something I just wanted to be able to mark off my list and know that it was done. I am very pleased with my find.


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