Monday, December 6, 2010

More Testing

On Tuesday, November 23rd, Candes and I headed out early for Little Rock for more testing. I was scheduled for bloodwork, MRI's and a bone marrow biopsy, we were there the whole day. We felt like we got in and out of each test fairly quick but it just takes time. Everything seemed to go ok, there was a little issue with the bone marrow biopsy this time, I had some bleeding but it was probably due to the fact that my platelets were so low. I needed to be at 50, 000 before they could do it and I was at the lucky number of 57,000. So I was just barely where I needed to be. I had a really sore back but we headed back home after eating at the Olive Garden in Little Rock.
On Tuesday, November 30th, Clay and I made our way back to Little Rock for doctor appointments. We met with Dr. Barlogie first thing to determine what the next step would be. He told us that I needed to be back on treatment, so I was given my orders and prescriptions to get started back on maintenance therapy. I will start my treatment later this week. I was hoping to wait until after Christmas but that didn't happen, he did lower the dosage and also changed the chemo drug that I take at home so maybe it won't be too bad, one can only hope.

I am looking forward to Christmas, I am getting close to having my shopping done but I am not there yet. I feel better than I did last Christmas so that gives me alot to look forward to. Clay bought us a live tree again this year and Kara and I decorated it last week, I had mentioned that we were going to change it up this year, we did and I love it. Clay is not sure about the teal and brown, he kinda likes red, green and gold, it will grow on him though.

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