Friday, May 8, 2015

A slow go

Things still are going very slow, I did take more chemo. The first chemo was one that I had before and it didn't treat me very well. I only had 1 round of it but then after that I took 3 days worth of a different kind. As well as an oral chemo pill at night. This started bringing my counts way down as well as my blood pressure. Having to go in about every other day to get either blood or platelets. You have to wonder where the blood products are going. Dr. Travis feels like my counts will come up over the weekend, I hope he is right. It gets very old going in everyday. My WBC is still in the zero's so I still can't be out in the public, town, stores or resturants. I know if my counts start coming up I will start feeling better. I believe today was day 11 for the shots I've been getting to try to raise my WBC. I even go in on Saturday & Sunday.

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