Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feeling A Bit Better

I am starting to feel better, more like normal now, my cough is much better and that's a big plus. I did go in for treatment on Thursday and was able to take it this week, my counts were pretty low but hopefully that is because I have been sick. My WBC was lower than it has been in quite a while, but there is a number that they look at inside that number that was so low. They usually don't even give treatment when it is as low as mine was but Little Rock says go ahead. I just hope it is back up next week, they told me to be pretty careful, this means not do a lot of hand shaking or being around people that are or might be sick. It's really hard to tell if someone is about to get sick, and that is probably the most crucial time to pick up a germ. I wasn't really able to go to church last Sunday which was Easter Sunday, I hated missing then, the Sunday before I was in the hospital so I missed the kids program at church. I'm hoping to go tomorrow but haven't decided if I really need to, I feel like going I think but I just have to decide, it is very hard not to hug or give a hand shake at church you know.

Everyone have a good weekend, I am hoping we miss the storms.

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