Friday, October 7, 2011

Change Of Plans

I guess there was a misunderstanding between Little Rock or me with this Thyroid testing. I had my shots Thursday & today and I need my bloodwork on Monday, well 6 months ago I was told by them that I could have the bloodwork drawn at HOG and they just fax the results to them. This is where the misunderstanding came in, I will have to make a trip to Little Rock on Monday just for a blood draw, seems a little crazy but what has to be has to be. I tried very hard to convince them that HOG would work with them anyway they could to do this but they want it drawn there and send it off to the out of state lab that they use all the time. Pam Neal is going to be my driver on Monday, we will make the best of the road trip and maybe find something fun to do while we are there. So from day to day this is how things can change. Oh well its the name of the game. Speaking of the game. Go Hogs!!!!! WPS

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