Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bag Lady

That's what you feel like for 4 days while you are taking chemo. By that I am talking about the 4 day-24 hour a day bag of chemo like I did when I first started my journey here in Little Rock. My appointment was at 1:00 today, they were really busy we left there at 6, it was a very tiring day. It's the bag you carry with you everywhere you go, it is hooked to your line so you have to remember to take it with you each and every step you take, we call her Martha, she is a sound sleeper yes she sleeps with me as well. I will have this until Saturday before they unhook it, we go in each day to get the chemo bag changed and do blood work but I still carry the bag. I am back on several meds now and as I have said in the past I do not do well taking all those meds. I am taking Dexamethasone in the morning and Thalidomide in the evening, this is the nasty stuff. Kara will be leaving today when Andrew gets here around noon, I have enjoyed her time here with me, she has been alot of help as well. My appointment is at 3:30 today, hopefully we will not have to wait as long today.
We are a little concerned about the weather that is suppose to hit the next few days, it will mess up our changing of the guards. We are just going to keep an eye on it and hope we will know what to do.

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